Tom Phelps

CD 2: The Load Of Coal And Other Poems


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The Load of Coal CD

The Load Of Coal And Other Poems CD

Tom reads a selection of poems from his second book, ‘The Load of Coal and other poems’.

Track Listing

1. A Mining Community; 2. Black Pond Fun; 3. Forgotten Words; 4. Under The Cushion; 5. The Load of Coal; 6. The Gambo; 7. Bessie The Paperer; 8. Everything New; 9. Childhood Games; 10. More Forgotten Words; 11. White & Black Horse; 12. Catty & Dog; 13. The Brass Fender; 14. The Compo; 15. Hello Molly; 16. Didoreth; 17. The Conductors; 18. Echoes of Yesterday; 19. Right-Sided Diet; 20. Street Outing; 21. The Telephone Call; 22. Are You Getting Fat?; 23. Coloured Mountains; 24. My Valley



An extract from ‘A Mining Community’


An extract from ‘The Conductors’