Tom Phelps

Book 1: Our Surgery, The Rag & Bone Man, The Hook & Wheel and Other Poems


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Our Surgery, The Rag & Bone Man, The Hook & Wheel and Other Poems

Tom’s first book featuring a collection of the following thirty-four poems:

1. Reflections; 2. A Boy in Summer; 3. I was John Wayne (in a cardboard box); 4. The Hook & Wheel; 5. Our Surgery; 6. The Unwelcome Visitor;  7. A Boy in Winter; 8. A Boy in Springtime;  9. The Rag & Bone Man; 10. Well Well, I Never; 11. The Sunday School Outing; 12. The Inkie; 13. They Would Do It Again; 14. Hello, Come In; 15. A Boy in Autumn; 16. He Sits By There; 17. Silhouettation; 18. Morning Mirror; 19. Through The Eyes Of a Child; 20. When She Smiled At Me; 21. They’ve Tarmaced Our Gulley; 22. A Time There Was; 23. The Sheep-Proof Bin; 24. Ych-A-Fi; 25. Our New Surgery; 26. I Am A Child; 27. The Floater; 28. The Meeting; 29. When I Was The Star; 30. She’d Have Something To Say; 31. The Supermarket Trolley; 32. The Remote Control; 33. Ode To The Plump; 34. The Patriotism of the Ex-Patriot.



The Patriotism of The Ex-Patriot

The most ardent Welshman, it seems to me,
lives in a land across the sea,
The one with the largest lump in his throat
when the anthem is played, is living abroad.
When the male voice choir sings, who sheds the first tears?
Why, the person who hasn’t lived here for years.
And the picture of Wales often hangs on the wall
of the one who hasn’t lived here at all,
but whose grandparents did, and they told him the tales
that have made him forever a lover of Wales.

The land of the neighbour ‘who cares about you’,
the land of my fathers and mothers too,
The land of hiraeth, hwyl, Eisteddfods and song,
the land to which I’m proud to belong.
But the ex-patriot’s love for the land we call home
is often ignored by those who don’t roam.
Our special inheritance should always be
noted and appreciated by you and me.
This, I’m beginning to realise,
so, thank you ex-patriot, for opening my eyes.

Tom Phelps