Tom Phelps

CD 3: The Humour Of The Valleys


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The Humour of the Valleys

The Humour Of The Valleys CD

Tom reads a selection of poems from his third book, ‘The Humour Of The Valleys’.

Track Listing

1. If The Truth Be Known; 2. Fly Paper; 3. Milly’s Shop; 4. Welsh Fashion; 5. A Boy In Chapel; 6. Cwtch; 7. Sweeping Changes; 8. Heavy Rain; 9. The Mangle; 10. Not So Many Cwm Rhonddas; 11. The Weekly Bath; 12. Time For Bed; 13. Me And The Missus; 14. Valley Nick Names; 15. Yes You Do; 16. It’s Good To Be Alive; 17. The Sheep And The Radiogram; 18. Staying Put; 19. Womens Work; 20. You Burnt My Bread Pudding; 21. Mammy’s Gone Shopping; 22. Christmas Shopping; 23. Deputy Milk Monitor; 24. The Best Medicine; 25. If The Truth Be Known.


An extract from ‘The Sheep and The Radiogram’


The Mangle